ISOFLEX SAMPLE allmaxnutrition Chocolate 30 g
ISOFLEX SAMPLE allmaxnutrition
ISOFLEX SAMPLE allmaxnutrition
The Best Whey Protein Isolate on the Market


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  • Truly Superior Protein Technology
  • Contains No Gluten & No Soy
  • Contains No Fat or Added Sugar
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PROS WHO DEPEND ON THEIR RESULTS DEPEND ON ISOFLEX All new and improved ISOFLEX is the ultimate in taste and the ultimate in quality. Not only does ISOFLEX have a brand new look and great taste, using cutting edge technology, it’s a pure 100% whey protein isolate source. ISOFLEX is significantly lower in lactose, fat, sugar and carbs, compared to regular WPIs too! If you’re looking for the highest quality, most premium and fastest absorbing protein, then look no further than ISOFLEX; a Truly Superior Whey Protein Isolate.